Lighting Cameraman | Photographer

About me

Inspired by textures, light, feelings and emotions I am a lighting cameraman with a passion for people and the natural world.

For over fifteen years I have been lucky enough to work on extraordinary productions. My love of storytelling has led me to work across genres, natural history, human documentary, drama and music allowing me to draw upon a broad range of skills, ideas and techniques. This experience helps me to work with directors and producers to realize a shared vision.

Never losing sight of narrative, I am constantly striving for the best way to achieve the sequence. Filming with latest broadcast equipment from drones to gimbles, sliders and the fastest lenses, I’m finally able to start achieving the kind of shots and feeling I have been striving towards over the years.

From concert halls to deserts, jungles, palaces, polar regions and mountains, I am gathering the ways, means and dark arts to produce the best footage I can and get the best sequence I am able from each environment, person, creature and situation. My quest is to capture and share the beauty I see in the world.


Award winning projects:

Planet Earth 2 – BBC

Warlords of Ivory – Nat Geo

Bill Bailey’s Jungle Adventure – BBC 

Life Story – BBC

Battle for the Elephants: Nat Geo

Human Planet: BBC


Current projects:

This year has seen me shooting on ‘Rituals ‘ which is the new ‘human Planet’, a hugely exciting project which has taken me all around the world.

Im also working on ‘One Strange Rock’ a huge project for Nat Geo.